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Since I've been doing a bit of research on my mod, I've come across several useful army field manuals.

These three relate to the Soviet troop structure and organization. For individual squads, reference 100-2-3.

This is a listing of several public FMs that you have access to (no AKO passwords or any bs like that)

- Specifically, look at Chapter 6 and Appendix A of FM 7-8 for specifics on rifle squads, fireteams, and weapons squads.

- Don't forget to also look beyond the basic squad and platoon structure, but into the company level as well. Beyond the organizational structure is further insight into the roles played by the individual units. For example, the USSR seemed to place a stronger emphasis on motorized infantry than the American's did. While the American infantry was largely independent of their transports, the BTRs, BMPs, and BMDs of the motorized infantry and airborne of the USSR were an integral part of the squad.

- Just remember that these are full field manuals, so don't expect to read the entire thing.

There is also a lot of technical data at these sites:

Lastly, here are a few reference sites for those in the modeling community

a note on the suurland website - blueprint links will always have an &id=**** you need to remove this from the end of the url in order to view the site.

Enjoy, Lt. Sherpa

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