Roads and Intersections

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Roads and Intersections

WicEd has a strong road system with many interesting parameters. Use splines to create great looking mesh roads with normal maps and specularity. Place intersection objects at crossroads and road splines will snap to them intelligently. Use splines to paint the terrain or merely alter the height map.


Using Place Tool, left-click to place a waypoint. Double click or press ESC to end the road. If you want to modify the road later using the Edit Tool, just click and drag the waypoints. Double click on a waypoint to add a new waypoint next to it. You can right-click on a waypoint (or an intersection) to display extra properties such as Opacity, Ground Flattening and more. For even more parameters, see Advanced Road Properties.

NOTE: You may experience bad performance when moving waypoints if gouraud shading is enabled in the toolbar. To get rid of this, deactivate gouraud shading. You may want to enable wireframe instead.



Intersections are placed and rotated just like regular props. To connect a road to an intersection, just move the end of the road close to the intersection until they snap together.

Flattening and Locking roads

While moving waypoints your road will flatten the terrain in realtime. However as soon as you use any of the terrain tools, the terrain will be restored and potentially interfere with the road in places. This is because you don't want the road to mess with the terrain until you have finally decided the path of the road. At that point, just right-click on a waypoint and select "Lock road". The terrain will be permanently flattened to suit the road. If you change your mind later, the road can be unlocked (but the terrain will have been permanently altered).

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