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!Operation Christmass

Creator *JOE* CLAN FRG
Game mode Domination / Vorherrschaft
Team Faction 1 USA
Team Faction 2 USSR
Num. Command Points 4
Num. Frontlines -
Single-Player Mode yes
Multi-Player Mode yes
Filesize 56.72 MB
Release Date 2007-12-11 11:36:45
Homepage http://kithaitaa.com/mapdetails,79,Operation-Christmass.html

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On Christmass the Russian forces are initiating an ambush on an US arm industry complex. The nearby US missile launching site, with its airfield, is the only thing that might stop the Russians from capturing the industry complex before they might fall in at Cascade Falls and try forward to Fort Teller. One damn thing is finally for sure: It will not become a Silent Night, even we all had have this mighty little Song in our heads as we started to get reinformcements for stoping their ambush exaktly here.
- Unique Gameplay by a balanced map size
- Special FRG Song SILENT NIGHT in beginning ;))
- Many little fetures like a Airport with lights (!)
- Road ends not to no-where
- Infrantrie proofed special Forest "RUNWAYS"
- CLAN FRG played map over hours to quality asureness see attached pictures for the "AIR" testings
- Map will join the CHRISTMAS CONTEST ;))

To you all a Merry little Christmas with PEACE, NO WAR and silent night with your families Best Wishes from Joe, Theonliner and CLAN FRG to you all!
P.S.: If you think Christmas should be written with only "one `s`" then see the big honour we take even in the name to "Mass"ive ;))) Greetz to Stockholm
(sended by Theonliner) http://frgclan.ohost.de






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