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Q: Why is my new unit invisible Multiplayer, but visible in Singleplayer?

A: The unit is probably invisible because you copied an infantry-unit and just changed the model. take a single unit like the NATO_SNIPER instead.

Q: How do I activate or desactivate an unit in the buy reinforcemnt menu ?

A: Each unit has the attribute "myRoleCosts" in the unittypes_wic.juice. The subattributes decides if a unit is in the buy menu avaiable or not

Q: Where can I modify the number of tacticals points needed for the supports? in \World in Conflict ModKit\database\supportdatabase.juice ?

A: Yes. Each TA has the same attribute myRoleCosts like the units. There the informations about costs for each role

Q: When modding for a dedicaced server (few player mode active) do I need to make change to \World in Conflict ModKit\units\unittypes_wic_singleplayer.juice or just for \World in Conflict ModKit\units\unittypes_wic.juice ?

A: No, You need to change the unittypes_wic.juice. The difference between the FPMode and the Normal-Mode is the costs of each unit. You can change the costs for the FPM also in the myRoleCosts attribute of each unit.

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