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by the Insane Bastards & A New Hope


Version: 0.4 (2007-12-20)
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The InputHandler is a little library provides methods for checking user-input, f. ex. whether the user presses a button. It takes some concept of the user-interaction seen in the wic-viewer.


Place the folder "input_handler" in a folder that is included by WiC's PYTHONPATH. Look into the "" for an overview of possible keys. (mouse-keys are in the "")


checkSinglePress(key, action)
checkDoublePress(key, singleAction, doubleAction, dblPressTime=0.2)
checkHoldingKey(key, action, timeFirst=0.4, timeNext=0.03)

checkMultipleKeysSinglePress(keys, action)
checkMultipleKeysDoublePress(keys, singleAction, doubleAction, dblPressTime=0.2)
checkHoldingMultipleKeys(keys, action, timeFirst=0.4, timeNext=0.03)
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