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The PostFX system allows for dramatic camera filter and post processing effects, much like the post filtering used in Hollywood movies. World in Conflict has a powerful bloom editor which will allow you to create a wide range of effects. During a WiC multiplayer session the world will grow gradually more and more gloomy depending on how much destruction has taken place. This (and other environment animations) is handled by the mood system which allows for some really interesting dynamic weather effects.

The Environment Editor


  • Post effect filter, strength - Determines how much the post effect filter should affect the scene.
  • Color adjustments
    • Color - Sets the color of the post effect.
    • Saturation - Changes the spectra of colours.
    • High/low level - Changing the high- and low level gives you more contrast and more blacks and whites.
  • Bloom filter - Choose between different bloom filters for a sweet fullscreen post effect, or open Advanced Bloom editor to create your own.
  • Mood - A "mood" is a snapshot of environment parameters that can be faded in during the game, either from script or by means of the automatic multiplayer destruction logic.
    • Add/Del/Edit/Up/Down - Press Edit (or double click) on a mood to change its settings in the Advanced Mood editor. Add/Del will create or delete a mood snapshot. Up/Down will change the order in which moods are faded in. Try this out using the Preview slider.
    • Destruction multiplier - In a multiplayer game, the mood system progresses through the list of moods by analysing how much destruction has taken place on the map. Depending on prop placement and density this estimation can be more or less accurate. If you feel that the mood progression on your map is weak or unnoticeable, try increasing the Destruction Multiplier. NOTE: the result can only be tested by blowing stuff up in a multiplayer session!
    • Preview - This slider is used for previewing mood progression. Use it to smoothly fade between all moods in the list.
  • Global Destruction Multiplier - Serves as a means of "magnifying" the perceived destruction of a map, so the mood change appears faster. For example: use if mood change does not appear during a regular 8v8 game with lots of bombardment.
  • Extract PostFX from template - "Steals" PostFX settings from a template without changing the whole environment.
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