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This category only describes some of the new and improved features of WicEd 1.2.

If you want the full documentation you can get it here.


  • New popup style object property system
  • Render terrain extensions to ground feature added
  • New Single player/Multi player mode added (affects visible units and gameplay editor)
  • Auto generate python file for single player use
  • Road intersection system added
  • Export heightmap to LWO added
  • Deploy mask editor added to gameplay map
  • Resolution editor added
  • Import ground texture operation added
  • Splatting mask edit tool
  • Detail texture override edit tool
  • 16 k splatting working
  • F1 triggers help menu
  • Ability to visualize the real ingame path maps
  • New remove brightness and alpha mask button on terrain extension
  • Shading only ground texture rendering feature added (renders color textures first if cached textures not found)
  • Perimeter points can have custom sizes (fetched from wiced.juice)
  • Hold ctrl to change object height 10x the normal speed
  • Improved surround fade command (now does fade between tiles with different resolution as well), renamed to border fade
  • New terrain cut out tool added (accessible through the mask edit tool)
  • New editor for the mood system (in the environment tool)
  • New editor for the bloom system (in the environment tool)
  • New sleeker progress bar
  • Better problem reporting
  • Camera follows ground flag in settings dialog now saved between sessions
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