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Wreck nodes are scripted in this file. There are two main groups: myGroups and myPhysFxGroups. (Image 1.39)


Image 1.39

In myGroups the model data is scripted and in myPhysFxGroups the effects for the different materials and hit effects are scripted.

In the myGroups there are three values to script

myMRB: The model data.

myPhysSpawnState: in what state the model will be visible/spawned.

myWreckPhysGroupName: what PhysFxGroup it will use to spawn debris and hit effect


Image 1.40


Under this group all the effects for hit effects and debris are scripted. There are four values to script:

myPhysMRB: The effects model data (effectname.mrb).

myPhysFile: The effects physics file (

myPhysTimeToLive: How long the effect will live, in seconds.

mySoundName: Sound file that will be spawned.


Image 1.41

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